The following portfolio is a selection of images that currently best represent my photographic journey.

To me, photographing my environment is not just about capturing the physical things that I see, but also about how I feel. I want to capture the emotion of being in that particular location, at that particular time, feeling what I'm feeling. Sometimes this is deep, dark and moody, and other times it is light and airy.

As I continue to grow as a photographer and artist, my style will develop and evolve.

This portfolio will therefore be ever evolving...

I hope it makes you feel!


© 2017 HELEN TRENERRY Photographer - "No Swimming"


My partner and I recently moved to the NSW South Coast and it has been the best move EVER! The fresh sea air, the morning beach walks with our dog Oscar, the sand between our toes.

Amazing, captivating, inspiring coastline. LOVE!

© 2017 HELEN TRENERRY Photographer - "Serenity"


This earth is truly wonderous. It contains many phenomenally unique landscapes that are awe-inspiring and manage to provoke numerous emotions just by being in their presence. 

Landscapes, trees, urban scenes also included. 

© 2017 HELEN TRENERRY Photographer - "Strength"


My aim when I photograph people is to create CONNECTION, and an true and honest representation of the person in front of me. We all have a story, let me find and showcase yours.

Sincere, natural, occasionally quirky, sometimes RAW...


© 2015 HELEN TRENERRY Photographer - "Mother's Rose"


Entering competitions is a way of pushing my creativity, from how I select my subjects, how I capture them, through to post-processing.

These images convey special stories, have helped me grieve, process life events, and have been an enormous outlet for me.

© 2015 HELEN TRENERRY Photographer - "Oscar"

Pet Photography

I have found a true passion for photographing animals over the years, capturing their beautiful, silly, quirky and wonderfully unique personalities.

This has resulted in my separate business, Ruff 'n' Stuff Pet Photography, where capturing your pets is my primary focus.